Quest For The Wand Of Illumination


MAGICAL; requires logical and abstract thought, basic mathematics, code breaking and spell casting!

Team Size:

2 – 6 Person Escape Room


In the Realm of Magic.  Please note that this experience takes place in the same Realm as the Search For The Stone of Destiny  and the Pursuit of The Elixir of Life.

Recommended Play Order:

(Adventures can be played in any order) This adventure is more challenging than the Pursuit of the Elixir of Life, less challenging than the Search for the Stone of Destiny. Suitable as a first journey into the world and stories of Arcadium for those who do not fear a tricker introduction.


Family-friendly; ages 10 and over. Minors must be accompanied to the venue by their parent, legal guardian or a responsible adult. Adventurers under the age of 15 must be accompanied into the Realm by their parent, legal guardian or a responsible adult – please see FAQ for details. 


We’ve been receiving reports from returning Adventurers from the Realm of Magic that there are signs that the legendary Wand of Illumination might be hidden beyond the portal. The Wand is rumoured to have last been seen during the lifetime of Emrys, otherwise known as Merlin the Great. It’s suspected to be the reason for his spectacular magic. Whilst pursuing this quest, adventurers have reported following the sign of the sun and advice left by Emrys to learn all about the Wand.

Your team will have 60 minutes inside the Realm of Magic to trace the history of power and attempt to discover the resting place of the Wand. Like stepping into the pages of your favourite story, explore the World of Arcadium and solve the puzzles and mysteries within…what will you discover?


Access to the venue is via staircase. Access to the Realm of Magic requires stepping on/over a short obstacle. There are no other specific accessibility concerns with this adventure.

Getting Here:

The Basement, 97 Wickham Terrace Spring Hill, QLD, 4000, Australia

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