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Send an email through to with your request or proposal.

We would be delighted to hear from you! Interested in stocking our retail experiences? Please [follow this link][8] and fill out the form to help us learn more about you! [8]:

We are always looking new ideas and partners to provide more opportunities for people to come together in challenging and fun environments. If you are passionate about Arcadium experiences, please get in touch with us by sending an email to

Working at Arcadium is a very unique and fun experience. If you believe you are up for a true challenge and have a passion for experiences, cocktails, puzzles, are technology savvy and have an interest in performance, stories, gaming and to top it off can dynamically respond to the challenges of some of the greatest Adventures…send tales of your deeds and an outline of your talents to

We use Australia Post for all domestic shipping. Unfortunately, due to the impacts of COVID-19, Australia Post is advising of some delays with expected delivery times between 2 – 6 Business Days. If you have order Most Mysterious Mail, either as a gift or for yourself, you should receive an email as soon as your Mail is posted (typically the next day). If you selected Australia Post with Tracking, you tracking number will be included in your Order Fulfillment email.

1. If you are no longer able to make your booking, please contact us at

  • For cancellations with more than 48 hours notice, you will be refunded to the card that made the payment, for the full value paid.
  • For cancellations with more than 24 hours but less that 48 hours notice, we will issue your choice of Gift Voucher or Customer Credit for the full value paid.
  • For cancellations with more than 3 hours but less than 24 hours, we will issue your choice of Gift Voucher or Customer Credit, less the amount of 1x adventurer, which will be withheld as a cancellation fee.
  • For cancellations with less than 3 hours notice, no refund or credit will be provided.

2. If you have changes to the amount of people for your booking resulting in more people attending, please contact us at To add another person, you may ask us to amend your booking and pay the additional amount before arrival. We may also be able to accommodate additional people in-venue on the day, but a slightly higher amount will apply if paying in-venue at the till.



3. If you have changes to the amount of people for your booking resulting in fewer people attending, please contact us at

  • For fewer people with more than 48 hours notice, we will refund the original payment method with the amount equal to 1x adventurer.
  • For fewer people with more than 24 hours but less than 48 hours notice, we provide your choice of Gift Voucher or Customer Credit for the amount equal to 1x adventurer.
  • For fewer people with less than 24 hours notice, no refund or credit wil be provided.

We recommend booking for the least number of Adventurers you have confirmed to ensure you reserve the time you want, as The Advice of Previous Adventurers spreading around has increased the number of advanced bookings, especially on weekends.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer to regularly take bookings over the phone, however are available to asssist. The best way to book is through our website and Resova calendar, which will offers multiple payment options, will send confirmation emails and tax invoices. If you require any assistance in making your booking, you can reach us on +617 3148 3415 or

Limited snacks (Chips) currently, however Arcadium has a food licence and no kitchen. This means you can order food (Uber Eats, takeaway) or bring food to the Venue to enjoy yourself. We cannot provide anything to serve this with but can assist with waste disposal. We are making friends in food places for functions offerings, so please contact us if you have a big event.

Yes! We proudly accept Companion Cards but require a minimum 2 x Adventurers paid to reserve a booking. Simply show your Companion Card upon arrival to our Adventure Guides to add a third or additional eligible support person per participant of up to a maximum of 6 x Adventurers inside one Realm at any time.

Special access is available for those with accessibility requirements. Please contact us at +617 3180 0650 or send us an email at and our team will liaise with you directly in regards to your particular requirements. We are in the process of updating many aspects of our experiences to adapt to a range of physical and sensory needs as well as offering unique additional support options or adjustable aspects. We are interested in hearing from any who would like to support or collaborate in this area.

Arcadium is directly opposite the Wickham Terrace Exit of Central Station and is located at 97 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill. Immediately next to Silverton Place and a couple of doors down from the Ovolo Inchcolm Hotel.

Yes! If you do not yet identify as an Adventurer (or are a Member of the Order of Arcadium in desire for a shorter drop-in) you are welcome in the Bar. *Please note:* Due to COVID guidelines, there are capacity restrictions in place for the Venue and Adventurers with bookings will take priority, therefore staff may need to refuse entry or request limiting time or vacating premises to adhere to requirements.

Difficulty can be subjective and variable by many factors so we have opted out of using a rating system and instead describe adventures with their variation or types of tasks/challenges encountered. Our adventures are intended to offer a reasonably healthy challenge for most but we still aim and continually improve towards accessiblility to as many as possible in balancing this. We do offer unlimited assistance and at any level desired with an attitude of enabling self-discovery and achievement of Adventurers. We are in this together and always aim for enjoyment in our experiences! With that being said, we can suggest a minimum set of requirements for all adventures. *At least one* participant of the party must have the following: 1. Clever eyesight 2. Nimble fingers 3. Ability to see colour variations 4. A height of +140cm (or the willingness to jump to see something displayed above eye level) 5. An English proficiency level of IELTS 8-9 / C1-C2 *With all of the above in mind, we welcome any feedback and always continually strive to improve and enhance our experiences whilst maintaining a very high level of quality and detail.*

Just bring yourself, a healthy spirit of competition, a dash of bravery and a group of friends!

Whilst there are no specific clothing requirements, we do recommend that you wear comfortable clothing to participate.

No. Your chosen team will have an exclusive access to your chosen Arcadium experience. We will not add players to your experience.

Absolutely! If you have extra players than you booked for, just get them to come along and we’ll fix it up when you arrive. Keep in mind, maximum team sizes will still apply.

Our Adventures contain no terror elements and can be enjoyed by Adventurers of most ages, though are aimed to provide a reasonable healthy challenge for most Adults and on liquor licensed premises. We typically suggest ages 10+ can actively participate in all aspects of our experiences. Children can have an enthralling experience at Arcadium Adventures, however their success relies on a few different factors. We have some further detailed information based on some of these different factors for you: **Children accompanying a group of adults**, where you and your friends or family are thinking of coming and would like to bring your Young Adventurers. This is perfectly appropriate. Indeed, we find they can often notice things the adults do not (and not just because of height!) The experiences are beautifully themed, and *no scary elements* so even if they do not comprehend as much of the complexity of puzzles and story, they are sure to still have a wonderful time. Please be sure to include them as a person when booking. We do also ask that you select times that will complete prior to 6pm as we are a licensed venue. **A group or groups of children**, where you would like to attend for a child’s birthday event, or similar with a group or multiple groups of children. We do encourage this but a few more conditions must apply to ensure successful Adventures and a magical experience overall! Several important points to consider (…and please trust that we speak from experience):

  1. Children under the age of 18 should be accompanied by at least one Adult whilst on premises at Arcadium Adventures
  2. At least one Adult must accompany children under age 15 into an Adventure and within each Realm. This is partly because of both the dexterity and literacy required but also due to height and need for supervision. While we provide support and make as many adjustments as we can for all types of Adventurers, some few minor parts of our Adventures may be more difficult for some to reach or fully experience without assistance or additional guidance.
  3. Adults supervising are participating and must also be included in the number of Adventurers when making a booking. We do also ask that you select times that will complete prior to 6pm as we are a licensed venue.
  4. 10 years of age is generally speaking about the lowest limit in terms of cognitive requirement, however this may vary from child to child based on their interests or development. We can find though that around the ages of 10, the Adult will need to assist or take lead to ensure success or remaining on task! It’s wise to be prepared to work together…
  5. Accompanying Adults must also actively ensure good behaviour. While our Guides are wondrous and entertaining, they are not required to hold Blue Cards, nor can they be responsible for active supervision. We also have taken great care to provide an immersive and detailed experience, which includes expensive and handcrafted materials and magical instruments.
  6. Food may be brought or ordered to site as we are licenced (however no kitchen, just bar snacks) and may be shared and enjoyed. We can assist with waste disposal, however have no serving utensils to provide and also humbly request you please consider how food is served and perhaps not bringing foods that are easily spilled or may easily cause litter.
  7. Finally, the overall experience and preparation requires a certain level of focus, attention and co-operation. We ask that you please make best attempts to prepare young adventurers in advance by setting expectations of needing to offer compliance with our Adventure Guides and a greater experience if attention is paid to the elaborate design. We do truly love creating a magical event for such groups but humbly request and appreciate your consideration of our rules and advice.

As there are no scary elements to Arcadium Adventures, all ages 10 years and over are welcome for all of our Adventures. Children under 18 years of age are required to have a parent, legal guardian or responsible adult present for the duration of their time at the Venue. Children under 16 years must be accompanied by a responsible Adult as an included participant of the Adventure *at all times*. As Arcadium is a fully licensed venue, we request for the comfort of all our visitors that all guests under 18 years of age please attend bookings prior to 6pm. Proof of age must be produced upon request. Under liquor licensing laws, proof of age must be one the following: Australian Drivers Licence or Learner Permit, Proof of Age Card, Keypass or Passport.

Guests are not required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Arcadium Adventures will continue to follow all government restrictions and health guidelines at all times and policies are subject to change. If you have any other queries, please contact our team at

While parking is not available on site, there is street parking and secure parking directly opposite the venue at Brisbane City Council’s Wickham Terrace Carpark, 136 Wickham Terrace (Entrance is from Turbot Street, on the left just after Edward St Lights). $5 Evening Rate from 4.30pm (until 5.30am the next day) and on Weekends (for the first 4 hours, all day parking capped at $15).

Arcadium is a short 2 minute walk from inside Central Train Station and accessible via the Free Spring Hill Bus Loop along Wickham Terrace.

All of our adventures, online, at home and in Brisbane can be played in any order but we have prepared a guide of our recommendations, which you can find At

Arcadium Adventures is more than your ordinary escape room experience, most of our adventurers stay with us for 90 – 120 minutes. However, there is always more than meets the eye at Arcadium and we would recommend allowing extra time if you wish to explore…

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