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Venture into a historic heritage house and down into the basement to discover the Brisbane Chapter for the Order of Arcadium.

Adventurers gather here before they travel through portals into one of the Realms of Arcadium. Each Realm contains multiple adventures that all have many new and very different aspects to traditional escapes and some familiar elements, set within a World with history to explore and evolution slowly over time.

In the Realm of Magic, choose a path to discovering the fate of one of the three Arcana of Magic; Wand of Illumination, Elixir of Life or Stone of Destiny. Realm of Mystery, pursue knowledge and attempt to solve The Mystery of the Missing Professor. Or, seek a hidden path that may lead to The Realm of Fantasy from within the Members Lounge, and see if you can discover The Bountiful Chagama or The Radiant Crown.

Be on the lookout for other paths emerging! Every adventure offers an individual, unique experience but still serves as only a part of a much wider story to discover. Everything has a meaning, and everything is connected. The mysteries and secrets of Arcadium extend far beyond the hour you will spend inside the Realms…

Bring your curiosity, your love of stories, puzzles and of course…your favourite people!

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The Arcadium Archives

At Arcadium, we provide every team of adventurers with a special device. These devices have been loaded with information from our archives gathered from the explorations of previous adventurers.

When used within the realms, these devices may interact with the environment and the curious objects within.

Our hope is that the knowledge that previous adventurers have discovered may help guide the way on your own adventure.

Your contributions to the Archives will help us to understand even more of the mysteries at Arcadium.

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