If you are reading this, you are now among a select few adventurers of the Order of Arcadium working to unravel the secrets of Arcadium itself.

Like each of you, our journeys all begin in the same way, as adventurers who go beyond the portals in search of lost artefacts of myth and legend. Initially, we all undertook this mission in good faith but like you, we began to wonder how exactly Arcadium came to be and why it’s order is seeking to build such a powerful Collection.

Do we truly know the purpose of the Collection? Is it responsible for so many powerful artefacts to be controlled by a single organisation? Each of the members of the Yulümen Society share this quiet fear that there may be more at work than we understand. In joining our secret society; you continue in a noble tradition as guardians of the thresholds and the artefacts beyond.

Our members are all adventurers from the Order of Arcadium that work to discover the mysteries of Arcadium itself on secret quests and missions and have worked secretly for many generations to keep these artefacts out of the Collection until a time when we understand its true purpose.

From time to time, we will call on you to help us explore new leads as we seek the truth behind Arcadium and in the mean time, we encourage each of you to continue to participate in all aspects of the Order of Arcadium. Choose a house, be a part of the community and continue to undertake the Arcadium Adventures to discover secret messages from other members of the Yulümen Society and ensure the safety of the artefacts still hidden in the Realms.

Now that you have found us you will understand that to protect our secrecy is of the utmost importance.

Follow our front for our communications with our members, Yulümen Enterprises on Facebook, for clandestine updates from the Yulümen Society and we encourage you to get in contact – you can search for a phone number on our Facebook page.

Stay curious,
E. L. L

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