Truly Unforgettable Gifts

Confounding Confectionary

An Indelible, Delectable Sweet Treat for this Holiday Season

Confounding Confectionery by Arcadium Adventures - Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate by Melbourne Cocoa


Gift Certificates

The perfect option for the adventurers in your life.

Gift a truly unforgettable experience.

Available in-store in physical form or online in digital form and valid for 3 years from purchase. Digital gift certificates can be sent to your own email address which you can print at home or sent to directly via email to the lucky recipient.

You can purchase a dollar value gift certificate that is redeemable across our Adventures in Brisbane or our At-Home Adventures.

Adventures in Brisbane

Choose from $50 – $300 of value to be used across all of our Adventures in Brisbane (Adventures & Bar).

At Home Adventures

Choose from $50 or $100 of value to be used across our At Home Adventures including our Most Mysterious Cases, Department of the Obfuscated & Confounding Confectionery
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