So It Begins…

Once upon a time in a little house, perched upon a hill, the strangest thing did happen….

Beneath this house, a secret portal was discovered. And then another, and another.

The first curious adventurers that set foot beyond the world of the familiar were enthralled by what they found and came back with tales of puzzles and riddles, secret missions and always the hint of something more mysterious…

Adventurers began to report of lost relics, forgotten artifacts, objects thought to only exist in myth and legend but which may actually be real and hidden within these magical realms.

And so Arcadium was founded, guarding access to the realms of Mystery, Magic and Fantasy. Teams of adventurers meet here to attempt to retrieve evidence of these relics and sometimes, just sometimes, are cunning and clever enough to stumble across one for themselves and return it to Arcadium to add to the Collection.

Adventures Await at Arcadium.

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