From the Desk of the Scrivener…

What a tumultuous time it has been! This is the first moment to stop and put pen to page since I was summoned to the Brisbane Chapter. Some of you already know that I exist in a state of permanent chaos, so it has taken some time for me to properly consolidate my notes. The Loremaster and my Master Companion have both been very patient with me and we are all working very hard on making the Archives available to Adventurers. 

From my desk over the next few months, you can expect to see some additional information about the weird and wonderful Guides who have been recruited to help us out at the Brisbane Chapter. You can watch this space to discover who they are, and how to spot them in the wild! As one of the earliest recruits, you’ll see my profile next. If you haven’t yet met me, well, best you visit the Chapter on a Saturday morning. I’m not as dramatic nor as well-dressed as Master Lumière, but what I lack in those departments I make up for with the knowledge gained through my role at the Department. 

Of course, I refer to the Department of the Obfuscated! We have an office at the Brisbane Chapter, which I use to store my documents, tools and other chicanery. You’re welcome to peek through the door when you visit, and if I’m in, I’m always happy to have a chat about the Realms, the Lore, and other secrets. 

If it’s secrets you’re seeking, I do encourage you to find me on the social medias…. I love making new friends, and unlike the official accounts, I’m able to share a behind-the-scenes view of life as an Analyst with the Order. The more you look, the more you’ll see. 

Stay curious, Adventurers.

E. Victor SAO
Scrivener, Brisbane Chapter
The Order of Arcadium

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