From the Desk of the Master Companion…

Greetings Adventurers!

The end of year has swiftly arrived and The Brisbane Chapter has seen a surge in special gatherings of admired and celebrated adventurers. Many new recruits to The Order of Arcadium, which speaks well for advancing its objectives (and let us hope it will be the season for artefacts!) Before we dive into the depths of the Year’s End I wanted to provide some updates from the World of Arcadium.

A new and intriguing find will interest anyone who has previously ventured into the Realm of Mystery or had an opportunity to enjoy our Most Mysterious Cases; a unique entry in Chapter Two – Article 97K: A Most Mysterious Cloakroom Discovery. This does not happen in the Realms of Arcadium and is not an adventure but rather at Headquarters of the Brisbane Chapter! An intimate encounter with physical items of other person’s personal possessions from the World of Arcadium! Chapter Two is also available to be received by post and enjoyed at home. The two experiences each offer unique elements to undertake and differing aspects to enjoy.

Another particularly delightful and rather delicate discovery has been the arrival of Arcadium’s Confounding Confectionery; a delicious chocolate block, wrapped in an adventure to discover and learn more of the World of Arcadium. There is still a very limited supply in my possession at the Brisbane Chapter, so drop in for a visit and feel free to enjoy a cheeky but nostalgic beverage from the Bar or indulge your curiosity to take a peek into our World before your first adventure.

As one would read from the Arcadium Archives, published by the Loremaster:
The concept of gift-giving is an central tenet of the Order of Arcadium. The most common and traditional gifts for Adventurers are those of chocolate and tea. Chocolate having long been associated with the Order’s roots in the Founding Chapter of Tezcatlitempan and gifts of tea with the Founding Chapter of Ménkăn. Both were traditionally consumed as drinks used to fortify the spirits of Adventurers before their quests, but the practice now is very much to enjoy a block of decadent chocolate with a lovely warm cup of tea, or refreshing brew; depending on the season.

Much as they are enjoyed around the world, gifts are given for all kinds of special occasions such as birthdays, but they are also given particularly to celebrate festivities around beginnings such as New Years, New Moons and New Seasons. That is to say, these fortifying and enlivening gifts were used to wish luck and energy for those about to embark on a new adventure denoted by a new season.

We have recently heard of the practice of Adventurers giving gifts rather more spontaneously, particularly to those that they have missed over the last difficult year. For what better way is there to say, “I am thinking of you my friend and do not forget, life is an adventure every day!”

In other news, The Department of the Obfuscated have (and naturally with all these new recruits and adventures) been overrun with activity, though I hear are advancing well in their preparations for upcoming and rather exciting sounding operations. Did you happen to yet submit an expression of interest to the Department?

As we have drawn nearer to Year’s End, one could not help but reflect on what has come to pass and what may lie ahead. In my case, having served within ranks as Master Companion of the Brisbane Chapter, advancing objectives of The Order of Arcadium for more than a year now. Thousands of adventurers, endless tales of astounding events being cheerfully regaled…and a healthy amount of deliciousness delivered! One particular series of highlights have been the deployment of several Custom Magic Messages through adventures via Magic Devices; a special secret for several surprise spectacles of sweetness, support and serenades of somethings. We are proud to have been a part of such moments and wish all admired adventurers the best for their journeys forward!

Surely all achievements to be proud of but somehow I cannot escape a burning question that lingers, unanswered, seemingly shrouded in secrecy yet just yearning to be discovered. Some might say one is falling prey to the naivety of Youth (Lo, the first path I took as Adventurer!) when contemplating such notions as ‘What is it all for?’ but surely I have not been alone in such ponderings…I am certain to have caught the curiosity piqued in others along their travels. Perhaps it is not my place to play party to such speculation, though it will become undeniably evident in what appears to be awaiting ahead that many mysteries mayhaps are meant to be unraveled…

Until we cross paths, may your season ahead be safe and full of adventure!

Stay curious.

Lex Lumière MCAO
Master Companion, Brisbane Chapter
The Order of Arcadium

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