The Best 5 Book Stores to get lost in Brisbane

Dear Adventurers,

There is nothing we love better than a tale at Arcadium and when we have the opportunity we love to visit our fellow purveyors of tales around Brisbane.

Here is a list of the best book stores in Brisbane for all adventure lovers and story tellers.

1. Archives Fine Books

40 Charlotte Street, Brisbane

Outside this store you’ll first notice a sign on the exterior of the old building claiming that there are over one million books inside and once you get inside, you’ll be inclined to believe it. Archives Fine Books is a bookstore after our own heart in the heart of Brisbane. If you love stories of all kinds, and have some time to explore, we recommend losing yourself among the book-lined shelves of this store.

Inside this hidden treasure, you’ll discover shelves stacked high with millions of books on every topic you can possibly imagine, and even some even the most creative of Adventurers may be surprised by. The shelves appear more like a much-loved library and the knowledgeable team appropriate stewards for such an establishment.

2. Avid Reader

193 Boundary Street, West End

Avid Reader is an iconic bookstore of the West End, beloved by many and with good reason. While easy to find, visitors be warned that once you’ve entered the store, finding the exit is an adventure in itself.

The selection at Avid Reader is impressively comprehensive and goes beyond books to a vast array of magazines, DVDs and other curious objects and knick-knacks.

Avid Reader also hosts various book clubs and specialist talks, making a wonderful community for all literary-minded adventurers and a great place to make new friends – perhaps to take on your Arcadium Adventure?

3. Bent Books

205 Boundary Street, West End

Bent Books is another icon in the West End. Only a few doors down from Avid Reader, it is well worth the visit for all adventurers. From the outside, this vibrant shop is impossible to miss and its interior contains a similarly eclectic selection of second hand and well-loved books.

Much like how the magic of Arcadium delivers to our Adventurers exactly what they need when they need it, the team here will help you find what you want or otherwise do their best to help you find something you didn’t know you wanted but, in fact, still need.

They also have a cute courtyard out the back of their store, perfect for opening your new book and starting your next literary adventure.

4. Pulp Fiction

Shop 4, Level 1 Blocksidge & Ferguson Building Arcade, 144 Adelaide St, Brisbane

If you’re an adventurer with a particular taste for tales of science fiction, fantasy, crime and mystery then Pulp Fiction is the hidden gem you’ve been looking for. float your boat and you’re a resident of Brisbane you’re probably already aware of this gem.

Located but a short distance from the Brisbane Chapter of Arcadium Adventures, this is a must visit book store. We know our adventurers love a mystery like the tales of mystery contained within the walls of this store so we won’t say too much but we highly recommend a visit.

Exploring this store is an adventure in itself.

5. Riverbend Books

193 Oxford Street, Bulimba

Riverbend Books in Bulimba provides a truly charming combination of excellent books and a cafe simply too good to pass by without stopping for a visit.

Their selection of reading material is vast and it means the avid adventurer can spend hours upon hours exploring the many shelves of tales.

Once you’ve made your all important decision, we’d recommend ordering yourself a cup of tea at the Riverbend Cafe to begin your new adventure!

Congratulations, you made it to the end of the article!

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