Once Upon A Time In A Little House Perched Upon A Hill, The Strangest Thing Did Happen...

The outside of Arcadium Adventures

Beneath this house, a secret portal was discovered. And then another, and another. These portals became the latest to appear in a long and secret history of the Order of Arcadium.

Since the earliest days, the first curious adventurers that set foot beyond the world of the familiar were enthralled by what they found and came back with tales of puzzles and riddles, secret missions and always the hint of something more mysterious…

Adventurers continued to report on lost relics, forgotten artefacts, objects thought previously to only exist in myth and legend.

And so the Brisbane Chapter of Arcadium was founded, guarding access to the realms of Mystery, Magic and Fantasy. Teams of adventurers meet here to attempt to retrieve evidence of these relics and sometimes, just sometimes, are cunning and clever enough to stumble across one for themselves and return it to Arcadium to add to the Collection.

 The Arcadium Houses

An important element of the Order of Arcadium are the Arcadium Houses. This becomes their community at Arcadium and may lead to special offers and opportunities based on the specific strengths and characteristics of each House. You can meet and speak with other members of your House by joining their respective forums online. Below you will find a sorting mechanism to assist you in your selection but remember, you can always choose the House that sounds best to you!

Which Arcadium House Do You Belong In?

“Quick foxes love paradoxes”

Members of the House of Crevanhale

Smart, cunning, and sometimes misunderstood, members of the House of Crevanhale enjoy spending time alone thinking about how things work and coming up with solutions to problems.

Crevanhale members are often quiet, reserved, and thoughtful and prefer to socialise in smaller groups of close friends.

They are flexible and good at thinking ‘outside the box’ but they can be difficult to get to know, occasionally insensitive and may struggle to follow rules.

“You will never keep apart harts and their harts”

Members of the House of Hartley

Strong and ambitious, members of the House of Hartley are optimistic and courageous leaders. They are often described  as assertive, confident, and outspoken.

Members of Hartley typically enjoy spending time with other people and often find themselves in leadership positions due to their ability to identify problems and make plans.  However, they can be impatient, stubborn, insensitive and aggressive.

“There is nothing superior to the brain of a kindly crane”

Members of the House of Älvkran

Gentle, peaceful, and joyful, members in the House of Älvkran are quiet souls that tend to be focused on the long term.

Members of the House of Älvkran are often introverted, idealistic, creative and driven by high values. They often want to gain a greater understanding of themselves and how they fit into the world and are also interested in how they can best help others. While they like to be alone, this should not necessarily be confused with shyness.

“Capybara, friend of all under sea, sky and on terra”

Members of the House of Bellamy

Generous, easy going, and trusting. Members of the House of Bellamy are social creatures that love to live in the moment among friends.  

Members of the House of Bellamy are outgoing, loyal, organized and tenderhearted and gain energy from interacting with other people; although they may not like being the centre of attention. They have a way of encouraging other people to be their best and often have a hard time believing anything bad about the people to whom they are close. 

Explore the Arcadium Archives

At Arcadium, we provide every team of adventurers with a special device. These devices have been loaded with information from our archives gathered from the explorations of previous adventurers.

When used within the realms, these devices may interact with the environment and the curious objects within.

Our hope is that the knowledge that previous adventurers have discovered may help guide the way on your own adventure.

Your contributions to the Archives will help us to understand even more of the mysteries at Arcadium.

Are you ready to step through the Portals into the World of Arcadium?

Step through our portals into the magical world of Arcadium where your team must work together to help us to find legendary artefacts and unravel the mysteries within. Bring your curiosity, your love of puzzles and your favourite people!

Come in and explore the world of Arcadium for this is just the beginning…

Where to find us

Arcadium Adventures – The Brisbane Chapter
The Basement,
97 Wickham Terrace
Spring Hill, QLD, 4000

07 3148 3415

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